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AAA Logo 5.1

AAA Logo can help you create appealing logos easily

AAA Logo can help you create appealing logos even if you don’t have advanced designing skills. The interface is quite straightforward for an application of this kind, so I'm sure that after a few minutes, you'll already figure out how to use it.

Although you can start your project from scratch, it’s usually better to start by picking an available template and customize it to your needs and preferences. Fortunately, there are lots of beautiful templates to choose from. Browsing the categories surely helps you find a template that matches your interests; however, using tags to identify them would be helpful as well. Unluckily, some widely used categories, as education and training, do not appear in the list.

Once you start editing your logo, no matter whether you are using a template or not, the program unleashes your creativity to compose interesting designs using the available shapes and text objects. Then, these objects can be modified in many ways by adding styles, scaling, rotating, coloring, etc. Besides, you can import images in many formats.

In a few words, AAA Logo has enough features and objects to allow the creation of splendid logos. Therefore, it is a program that I will recommend. I'm glad the paid version allows accessing to fully customizable templates, but let’s hope in the near future there will be more categories.

Pedro Castro
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  • Is easy to use
  • Comes with very nice templates
  • Has a large collection of objects
  • You can create not only logos but also other types of design objects
  • Allows creating HD graphics


  • The range of template categories is not very wide
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